About Us

This is a website dedicated to exploring and revealing the wonders of bamboo from every perspective.

Hi there!  I’m Nick.  My fascination with bamboo developed during my sustainability studies (I hold a Diploma of Sustainability from Swinburne University in Melbourne) nearly two decades ago. This amazing plant perfectly intersects my passions for sustainability, horticulture, ingenuity and luxurious underwear.  


Okay, I am stretching things by suggesting a ‘passion’ for luxurious underwear.  But who doesn’t enjoy a nice pair of bamboo undies?


These passions, my natural curiosity and the amazing (not to mention useful and beautiful) plant has motivated me to create this insightful website.  From its simple and elegant aesthetic plant form, to its eco-conscious utility for diverse applications, I love bamboo!  Hopefully, as I share my knowledge about it, you will too!


I want to showcase the myriad benefits of bamboo and inspire others to embrace this renewable resource, making conscious choices that benefit both themselves and the planet.